Genetic Testing More Than Alzheimers Disease

The short answer is “yes.” There is genetic testing for more than Alzheimer’s available. Genetic testing is rapidly expanding to cover many different conditions as well as to provide insights on health and inheritance.

Opportunities For Genetic Testing

Because genetic testing is a growing field, new genetic tests are being developed on a daily basis. Pharmacogenomics is a rapidly growing field which aims to help identify new treatments which are suited to the genomic sequence of a person.

Health Risks

Genetic testing is currently being used to help a person identify their risks for cancers. In the case of breast cancers, genetic testing can help to identify a woman’s risk for the BRCA1 mutation, a mutation which results in a woman’s higher risk for breast cancers.


Nutrition is a common reason why many people decide to pursue genetic testing. Nutritional DNA testing is a rapidly advancing field which will help individuals develop tailored nutritional plans based on their own genetic profile. Nutritional genomics is also being used in order to assist individuals in managing nutrition-related illnesses which have a genetic component. It can assist in identifying genetic variants and their response to diet.


Many companies are offering genealogy testing services. This is perhaps one of the more “fun” uses of genetic testing because it’s aimed at helping people whom are curious about their ancestry to learn more about the geographic origins of their families.

In conclusion, there are plenty of uses for genomic testing for more than Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a rapidly growing field which holds plenty of promise in order to help individuals understand a more complete picture of their health.

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