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Genetic inheritance and handwriting

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Is handwriting inherited?

Is your handwriting neat or messy? Perhaps you might not be able to change your handwriting skills because they are inherited from your parents.

Many people often feel that handwriting is a genetic trait due to the similarity of handwriting features between family members. There is some evidence that one’s handwriting style is inherited from parent to child.

Studies have shown a strong similarity in handwriting features between parent and child, and among siblings in an experiment. A valid explanation could be that people learn their handwriting abilities from their families.

But, handwriting depends heavily on one’s hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.

The best explanation between a genetically inherited component of handwriting is the bone structure of a person’s hands. This would affect the ability of the person to hold a pen, which would impact handwriting.

But, it appears that handwriting is mostly a learned trait. So, perhaps it is a combination of learning and physical structure of the hand which changes the appearance/features of a person’s handwriting abilities.

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